Low voltage

Distrubution Panels

Distribution panels

Our distribution panels offer the right low voltage (LV) solution for large buildings by dividing the electrical power feed into subsidiary circuits. They are manufactured from high-quality materials and contain the latest safety features. Sub-distribution boards are generally installed between the main distribution boards and the final distribution boards.

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PowerFactor correction panels

The power factor correction panels are designed to improve the power factor in electrical systems while ensuring energy and cost efficiency. They are suitable for a variety of processing plants with fluctuating loads, such as steel plants, chemical plants, paper mills, and automotive plants.


  • German made capacitors (Electonicon)
  • German made PF Regulator (Electronicon)

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Ats panels

An Automatic transfer switch panel, or ATS panel, is a type of transfer panel used with a diesel generator to automatically switch between the mains and generator in the event of a power failure. The generator will start / stop automatically depending on the mains supply.

Alhandaseya Eymo Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS Panels) provide a solution to handle transfer of critical loads to emergency sources using simple design with high reliability. Ensures the continuity of electrical supply with minimum interruption via an automatic change-over system from normal supply to emergency supply.


  • Fully automatic transfer between mains power and generator power
  • Detect mains failure and gives signal for generator to start
  • Automatically disconnect generator when mains volt is detected.
  • Can be designed with multiple incomers and bus-couplers.

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