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Al-handaseya for electric & mechanic

Al-handaseya(eymo) was established in year 1995,we started our business as a supplier for electrical products/cables…etc.In year 1997 we started supplying power distribution panels as well as control panels , Power factor correction … etc, by the end of the year we became an official distributor of one of the biggest manufacturer in the field of electrical products ( Mitsubishi Electric ). After only 3 years ,in the year 2000, Al-handaseya (eymo) became one the top companies in the field of supplying all kind of low voltage panels, all kind of electric products, low voltage power and control cables with the best quality and specifications. Al-handaseya excelled in this field,proudly. As the passed, our experience in this field increased ,and by the year 2002 Al-handaseya (eymo) had the ability ,thanks to our professional engineers, our management ,and strategy, to satisfy al our customer needs by all means and with the best quality and specifications.

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Address:٢٦شارع منشا،محرم بك، الاسكندرية




Email: sales@alhandaseyaeymo.com